Fantasy books are like music

It struck me recently as I was deciding what to read next, that it was like deciding what music to listen to next.

Should I read / listen to something new and modern, or go for a well-known classic? Something to relax into or feel stimulated by?

For example, if Tolkien is to Mozart as David Gemmell is to Led Zeppelin, what music fits Brandon Sanderson?

MozartJRR Tolkien

Legend Award for best fantasy novel

thornsCongratulations (a little belatedly) to Mark Lawrence for winning the Legend Award for best fantasy novel for Emperor of Thorns. Gemmell Legend

I really enjoyed the Broken Empire trilogy, grim though it is!

David Gemmell is of course a legend and the snaga trophy is fantastic, look at the pics on Mark’s blog.

It’s great to see old and new fantasy authors linked in this way, both promoting fantasy stories!