Sci-fi short stories

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I’m finishing some new short sci-fi stories ‘write’ now.

They are on a theme –

Introduction to Clive Anthony’s

Intervention Short Stories:

Is it morally right for a technologically advanced and powerful yet benevolent race to interfere in the development of other races on other worlds? 

Would an alien race intervene to help us save our planet and reduce human suffering from war, disease and poverty? Or would they attack and enslave? Are they currently just ignoring us as insignificant? And which path would we take if Earth-based humans were the advanced lifeform discovering other worlds at earlier stages of development – subjugators or saviours? These are some of the questions I consider from different angles in these short tales.

Think of a huge ant-hill in the wild, it is in fact a vast city lived in by thousands of intelligent and hard-working creatures happily raising their young. Should we save them from the giant ant-eater, a monster that would devour hundreds of them in minutes? Well, no, as that creature also has young to raise, and the two species have evolved together, finding a balance. But the two kids out for some fun with a can of paraffin and a box of matches – that would be different, and intervention would be right. A rather simplistic analogy maybe, but a good starting point for debate.

It is never that clear and simple in real life of course.

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