I am Clive Anthony and I live on the south coast of England, writing when I can, working when I have to, reading all the time.

My reading and writing passions are fantasy and sci-fi. This means escapism and entertainment, but also the chance to explore various themes or issues in life. I write the type of story I like to read.

In fantasy I am interested in different models of magic and my preference is for a subtle and realistic approach as far as possible. In Wildmind the magic is a power exerted by the mind, and it has no residual effect, there are no spells or magic swords.

In sci-fi I’m currently interested in how meeting alien races would go. If they find us would they be saviours or conquerors? And if we found them – which would we be?

On a different note, I also love photography. The images on this site and those used in my book covers are my own work.

Find me on Facebook I’d love to know what you think.

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