Mindmage available now

The Wildmind Saga Continues

Mindmage, the sequel to Wildmind is available now on Amazon! (Paperback coming soon)

What’s it all about? Let me tell you….

The Empire is in turmoil and peace seems a faint prospect following the unprecedented invasion by the Dogmen.  Necessity has forced a historic about-face – the new rulers no longer burn wildminds but instead train them as weapons. The implications of so much change are as yet unknown and there is no time to ponder this as power struggles threaten to rip the Empire’s future to shreds.

Tojen displays extraordinary fighting skills protecting those he cares for and searching for those he has lost. Countess Wayfender struggles to bring positive change in the interest of both normal people and wildminds, beset by prejudices about rank, gender and magic.

Meanwhile, Respler’s secret identity as the powerful Guardian Angel remains unknown and he tries to find his purpose in life. But the Wolf Lord knows his own purpose very well, and he never hesitates as he battles and manipulates along his path to conquest and domination.


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