Lockdown writing productivity?

A year since the first lockdown, it feels like a whole year of continuous lockdown.

I’ve been lucky, I haven’t lost anyone to the pandemic, not been ill myself, and not lost a job or income. So firstly my thoughts go to the very many people who have suffered so much.

I’ve obviously been able to do lots of writing? Well, in theory yes, in practice – not really. Nor have I learnt a musical instrument, become incredibly fit, started a new hobby or transformed the house and garden with zealous DIY activity. My excuses? Life and stress have interfered a fair deal and I’ve used that to justify or support my innate laziness.

There is one area I was productive in but let’s come back to that after talking about writing.

It is not that I have produced nothing at all, just not enough. After finishing Mindmage (Wildmind book 2) in 2018, I have started Wildmind book 3 and have been working on some sci-fi short stories. Partly this change in writing to short stories is to challenge myself; I never want to finish when writing. Wildmind and Mindmage are nice and long, that’s my comfort zone. And starting is the easiest part – I have loads of ideas!

Anyway, I now have drafted three short stories (technically one is too short and one is too long) and a couple more are roughed out. All are sci-fi and on a theme that links them loosely. I’m hoping to share these soon just in case anyone out there is interested and because I’d love some constructive feedback.

Oh – my main feat of lockdown productivity? I’ve managed to grow my hair really long.

Clearly I need to try harder.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown writing productivity?”

  1. Three short stories is impressive though, especially if you have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. Great post, I probably should get back to writing to but procrastination is so enjoyable – haha. KL


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