New free samples added


CoverI have updated the free samples of Wildmind available – here,  or use the menus at the top of the page.

The Prologue was already posted.

Now the Complete Chapter 1 is available on this site to read.

Meet Commander Varik Tojen as he directs the defence of Castle Hurriden.

Is that a wolfhound?

I have also added the complete Chapter 2.

Back in Espondre, the capital city, we meet Mal Respler, an unhappy and timid bureaucrat. Not yet touched by the invasion, he has no idea about the personal and world-changing events coming his way….

The full story is available for only

£1.75 Amazon UK

$2.99 Amazon US

Wisdom(?) gained by a new author

wisewood smallIt would be too much of a cliché to say it has been a journey, or a challenge, or a challenging journey.  But it was certainly more of an experience than I expected, and perhaps I am a step further on the road to becoming a wise old man. It is a tale of five parts.

Part 1: Writing – taking my many book ideas and novel openings and really getting stuck into my favourite , turning it into a full, 120,000 word novel. Redundancy helped, making some time available away from the rat race. I wrote the type of book I like to read – epic fantasy. So it was rather like reading but with direct control. I learnt a great deal in doing it, I am still learning – that’s good, that’s life.

Part 2: Editing, re-reading, re-writing, proofing, correcting, etc and etc. What a luxury it must be to have a publisher and an editor, this was hard work – worthwhile because I could see the improvements – but it felt like it would never end. Thankfully I had help from family and friends, they made a huge difference!

Part 3: Cover design and creation was almost as much fun as writing. Continue reading “Wisdom(?) gained by a new author”


Wildmind is available from Amazon now.
Wildmind is available from Amazon now.

The book is available on Amazon now.

Wildmind is a sweeping epic fantasy packed with intriguing characters and rich with action.

Everyone knows that people using the ancient magic of the mind will go mad, lose control, and kill themselves along with anyone near them. That’s why they’re called wildminds. That’s why they’re hunted and burned in public.

So how is it that the primitive dog-breeding tribes, the Dogmen, are able to use their wildminds to help them in a highly improbable invasion? Attacking the mighty Empire of Searleddon, they magically control huge wolfhounds, deflect arrows, and even seize control of their enemies’ minds, without going wild. Continue reading “Wildmind”